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2009 event has passed. Thanks for playing!

In Strathroy and area, when folks do things… they do them big! We don’t play turkey in this part of the country. Take the classic game of musical chairs for example. Only here could the nice folks of Strathroy Ontario and all the surrounding towns, team up to create the biggest game of musical chairs ever!

And then because folks are so kind and giving around here, all net proceeds go to support some very deserving charities!

Join us for the fun! Join us to support others! Or join us for the Mega prizes like an England recliner chair, Décor-Rest living room chair or a PowerChef BBQ Grill by Dimplex!

It's as simple as 1-2-... wow, so simple that there isn't even a 3!:

Step 1

Register! Fill out the short secure online registration form, and pick which charity you would like to support, and by how much.

  • Registration forms are also available at:
    • Johan's Countrywide/Sleep Experience -
Step 2
  • Join us on:
    • Saturday June 20th at 1:00pm.
      During Strathroy's Hometown Turkey Festival
  • Where:
    • Alexandra Park near downtown Strathroy.
      (Close to the rides and games.)


Johan’s Countrywide/Sleep Experience would like to thank all our sponsors for their very generous support and donations to Musical Chairity!

  • Platinum Sponsors:

MyFM 105.7 - Southwest Home & Garden - Strathroy First


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